beal-summerwater-songAs a visual artist, I work with collage, photography, watercolor, acrylics, fingerpaints, pencils, and pens, and I like to mix media. I’m attracted to light, water, mountains, deserts, trees, flowers, faces, angelic figures, human bodies, symbolic animals, shapes (especially circles, crosses, icons, triptychs, and windows), color, whiteness, blackness, and images that contrast with one another, temporally or proportionally:  I like to set medieval images against modern images, and large images of small things (like DNA) against small images of large things (like the Grand Canyon). My art reflects my life as a woman of faith living in a broken world. I’ve made two books of my collage artwork: Sacred Art (2013) and Fairy-Tale (2015).

6-beal-tidepoolscvrMy original photographs appear in my book of haiku and haibun, Tidepools (Lulu Press, 2009)Some of my paintings have been gathered into two more books: Light (2015) and Lily (2017). As I say in the preface to Sacred Art, the theme of my work is always redemption.

Liturgical Year Series
Advent, Epiphany, Lent, Easter,
Pentecost, Ordinary Time
(collage artwork)

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Fall Colors

African Skies Series

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View of the Ocean from Rancho Palos Verdes


from Light

God of Hope
(mixed media)


from Lily

Purple Emperor Butterfly


View of the Ocean from San Francisco


England: Ancient to Modern
(photo collage series)

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Stonehenge, Roman Baths, Whitby Abbey,
Canterbury Cathedral, Kennilworth Castle, London

By the Water at Sunset in San Rafael, Calif.

By the Water at Sunset (San Rafael)

(photocollage series)

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Tintern Abbey, Castle Chepstow, Fountains Abbey,
Bolton Abbey, Jervaulx Abbey