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Poems for America

Hail, Radiant Star!
Seven Medievalist Poets

Song of the Selkie

Pearl: A Middle English Edition
and Modern English Translation

1 Sanctuary - MII - SSL - MPG - MPG Illustrated


Made in the Image
paperback * ebook

Songs from the Secret Life

Magical Poems for Girls
paperback * ebook 

Magical Poems

2 Tidepools - Love Song - BWDE I - Chapbook - BWDE 2


paperback * ebook

Birdwatcher’s Diary Entries, 1st edition
paperback * ebook * recordings

 BWDE Chapbook
Illustrated by Barbara Holthuis

Birdwatcher’s Diary Entries, 2nd ed. 
paperback * ebook

3 Seashells - Butterflies - Wild Birdsong - Epiphany - A Pure Heart

Seashells from a Spanish Pilgrimage
(under review)

paperback * ebook

Wild Birdsong
paperback * ebook

Birth Poems

A Pure Heart

4 Jazz Birding - Sunflower Songs - Roots of Apples - Jazz Bird - SAY I

Jazz Birding
paperback * ebook

Sunflower Songs

The Roots of Apples

The Jazz Bird

Spiritual Aviary for the Year, Vol. I

Poetry Bk Cvrs (Rising to ATL)

Poems for America

Spiritual Aviary for the Year, Vol. II

A Midwife’s Birth Poems

Spiritual Aviary for the Year, Vol. III

After the Labyrinth
(under review)

Poetry Bk Cvrs (Uncaged to Garden)


Praise and Lament:
Psalms for the God of Birds


Hail, Radiant Star!
Seven Medievalist Poets


Poetry Bk Cvrs (Bliss to HDJ)


Wide Awake and Dreaming

Song of the Selkie

Haiku Butterfly

Haiku Dream
(in progress)

* with many thanks to Aubade Publishing, Broadview, Finishing Line Press,
Lulu Press, Origami Poems, and Wipf & Stock


“1154 Hillside Drive”
Alexandria Live Poets’ Society

“Song of Sojourner Truth”
Verse/Chorus: A Call and Response Anthology

Medieval Pilgrimage Poems
New Crops from Old Fields

“Explaining the Placenta”
All We Can Hold: Poems of Motherhood

Contemporary Poetry, Vol. 4

“The Ladder of Contemplation”
Literature Today

“Ariadne Invites Dionysius to Kiss Her”
A Constellation of Kisses


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*with many thanks to the editors who have accepted and published my poems — and to the lovers of poetry who keep reading