_Wide Awake & Dreaming_ by Jane Beal

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My new haiku micro-chapbook, Wide Awake and Dreaming,
is now available from Origami Poems.

Wide Awake
and Dreaming


morning mist
the mountain

pink hibiscus
the hummingbird


at night, the Lighthouse,
lit up for a wedding
my lover and I walk past

sitting by dark water,
I listen to his heart
the illuminated bridge

a white-crowned sparrow
into the green hedge


my shadow
walks through the shadows
of autumn trees

yellow light on the blue mountains
yellow leaf on the blue road

up the gold hill
a dark tree
white sky


winter rain
against my window
awakens me

the sky turns
white, gray, ash-blue
then, the lightning

on the mountain
my heart full of yearning


white, wind-blown roses
in the rain
thorns scratch my hands

full moon
shining on white roses
little children

white roses
reach up toward white clouds
blue sky 


Ever After

the wind blows
yellow ginko leaves
onto dark, wooden roof shingles

I turn the corner
the moon is still following
me around the bend


  • You can click, download, print, fold, and cut this micro-chap into your own little book! Directions here.

_Bliss_ by Jane Beal


My new haiku micro-chapbook, Bliss,
is now available from Origami Poems.


sunset over Wales
a girl looks through the window
of a speeding train

from a tower-top
in a big, modern city
the medieval bridge

walking down the hill
to Indian food in Leeds
the blue hydrangea

Museum Gardens
a Yorkshire hedgehog waddles
under a green bush

at Castle Howard
little, brown butterflies
dance in the heather

an old woman sits
on the park bench by herself –
the river flows by


 (Britain, 2019)

  • You can click, download, print, fold, and cut this micro-chap into your own little book! Directions here.



_Garden_ by Jane Beal

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My poetry micro-chap, Gardenis now available
from Origami Poems (2019).

Special directions:
how to download, save, print,
and fold the chapbook.


entering the garden 

water trickles down
the hollow of an old stone
a bird stoops to drink

turtle pond

a turtle hatchling
is all alone on her stone
but the sun is warm 

two turtles sunbathe
on a stone in the dark pond
watching me watch them 

an older turtle
circles in the pond water
looking for a stone 

duck pond

the hen is asleep
but the drake is holding his
morning yoga pose

humble waterfall
pouring down into the pond
going deeper still

afternoon sunlight
a green leaf in deep water
reaches for the sky

origami in the garden

white origami
cast in metal and shining
birds and butterflies

a paper airplane!
then the white peace crane unfolds
to become a star

shining buffalo
with a small bird on his back
looking out at us

leaving the garden

the old mother-tree
and her branching canopy
stays in memory



for Michelle Smoler
teacher, yogi, neighbor, sister, friend


inspired by the artwork of Robert Lang and Kevin Box
in the exhibit at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens
Claremont, California * April 2019