“A Prayer for Mothers and Children” by Jane Beal

My friend and sister-artist, Laura Tabbut, invited me to write “A Prayer for Mothers and Children” as part of her Liturgy for the World project, which invites everyone, everywhere, to pray for global needs during the coronavirus pandemic.

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O Lord God, Creator of the Universe, Maker of Everything, and Giver of Life, we pray to you today for all pregnant women, new mothers, and all mothers, for their babies, young children, older children, and adult children, whom you have made in your image and whom you love with an everlasting love.

A Prayer for Pregnant Mothers

We pray for pregnant mothers who are afraid of giving birth in hospital, birth center or home because they or their children might be exposed to coronavirus from their healthcare providers or on the surfaces of the environment of their birthplace. Lord have mercy.

Please ease their anxiety and fear, and let them feel your love and your presence. Surround them with your protection and your provision, and bring them safely through childbirth.

A Prayer for New Mothers and Newborns

We pray for all new mothers and newborns who have been exposed to coronavirus, asking you to heal them completely. Lord have mercy. 

Please do not allow new mothers and their newborns to be separated from one another if one tests positive and another does not. Instead, please increase the antibodies to the virus in mothers’ breastmilk so that exposed babies who are nursing will be strengthened in their immune systems and be able to fight off illness by your mighty power at work within them.

A Prayer for All Mothers and Children

We pray for all mothers and their children to be strong and healthy, both physically and emotionally, during this time of pandemic. Lord have mercy.

Please let the bond of love between mothers and their children increase during this time. Let all mothers who are homeschooling their children, as a result of them being at home originally or being sent home to avoid exposure to coronavirus, have the strength and the wisdom to teach their children about those things that really matter at this time, especially the virtues of faith, hope, and love, and patience and long-suffering in the face of difficulty, so that both mothers and children will be built up in their moral character and their spiritual devotion to you.

A Prayer for the Quarantined

We pray for all mothers and their children who are “sheltering in place,” and for all mothers and their children who have no shelter, both in our nation and in all the nations of the world. Lord have mercy. 

Please hide them in the shelter of your wings and give them a home in you. Let them find their place of safety with you. Let them be able to say with the Psalmist: “You are my hiding place. You always fill my heart with songs of deliverance. Whenever I feel afraid, I will trust in you.”

A Prayer for Basic Needs

We pray for all mothers and their children who are without clean water and healthy food and the necessities of life because of shortages from hoarding or from poverty in this time of pandemic. Lord have mercy.

Please provide for all mothers and their children. Please do miracles for them. Please give them water and their daily bread, just as you taught as to ask you in the Lord’s prayer. Please give them living water, which is the salvation, and spiritual food, which is your body and blood. Strengthen them for the journey that is this life.

A Prayer for Mothers Separated from Their Children

We pray for all mothers who are separated from their babies, young children, or adult children at this time, especially due to coronavirus. Lord have mercy.

Please help them not to be afraid, or feel alone, but instead, let them be able to stay connected to one another and to feel loved by one another, through any means of communication available to them (such as video calling, phone calling, email, regular mail) and through the power of your Holy Spirit.

A Prayer for Mothers and Children Experiencing Loss

We pray for all mothers who lose a child, and all children who lose their mother, during this time of pandemic. Lord have mercy.

Please fill mothers and children with a deep sense of your love for them and your presence with them in a time of loss. Let them know that the death is only the valley of the shadow, and you are not the God of the dead, but of the living, because to you, all are alive. We thank you that through your Son, Jesus Christ, who is the Resurrection and the Life, we have forgiveness of sins and the promise of eternal life reunited with you and with everyone that you, through your loving-kindness, died on the Cross to save.


About the Author Jane Beal is a Christ-follower. She is also a writer, educator, and midwife. See https://janebeal.wordpress.com and https://christianmidwife.wordpress.com.


“Galanthis, Alcmene’s Midwife: A Childbirth Myth of Ancient Greece and Rome” by Jane Beal

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My essay, “Galanthis, Alcmene’s Midwife: A Childbirth Myth of Ancient Greece and Rome,” now appears in Midwifery Today 129 (Spring 2019): 46-47.


“Almost everyone has heard of Hercules, famous for his strength, who performed twelve great labors and many other feats – including holding up the sky for Atlas and bringing Alcestis back from Hades (death) to her husband (life). Once there is a Disney animated feature film about a hero, like “Hercules” (Disney, 1997), the hero’s name becomes familiar to many children and their parents world-wide. But few people know the name of Hercules’ mother, Alcmene, and even fewer know about Alcmene’s friend and midwife, Galanthis, who used her wits to defeat the goddess who was holding back the birth of Hercules.”